Five things I learned while packing



One of the most, in a good way, thought-provoking thing a person can do is packing for traveling. At least for me, that involves a rethinking of your lifestyle. You must pick only your most needed items, bam! It’s a philosophical and minimalistic experience, especially for people who never think too much about what they wear.


So this is what I learned while I happily packed:


1.Those dresses you loved to wear last summer now look exactly like that.
They look sadly worn out. Time to search for new favorites.


2. Cheap clothes and crime don’t pay.
I was happy to buy those pieces in the supermarket without trying. But then at home, I see that they don’t really fit.
Note to self: Think twice before going for dirty cheap.


3. I’ll never manage to pack as light as my husband
A woman needs enough pieces so she doesn’t have to wear orange with purple, or two pieces of unmatched muster. And she must have the freedom to choose, always. So I’ll never just pick five items of each type as my hubby so easily does.


4. People think I’m thinner than I feel comfortable with. 
I often get skin tight clothes as presents. But I rarely use them. I go for comfort because life is tight enough.


5. On the other hand, getting out of your comfort zone is important too.
It’s important to try pieces you left forgotten and lonely on your locker because you have the everyday favorites you always pick when you dress in five minutes. The virtually unused piece becomes a comfortable favorite soon enough, and you’ll get a fresh new look for your vacations.