An update on my blogging frequency


For the last seven months, I’ve managed to keep this blog running smoothly with one post per week, sometimes even two posts per week. This will change in the future.

From May on I’ll reduce the posting pace, to one post every two weeks.

My reasons are as follows:

1-This isn’t supposed to be a blog on writing advice.

There are many blogs out there involved (to an extremely advanced degree) in giving writing advice. So I won’t take that road. I’ll talk about my own process to a certain extent, always with the clear idea that what worked for me may not work for other writers.

I will though share interesting things I find along the sinous path of my writing journey. This blog is my journey notebook! But I won’t concentrate only on writing. I’ll also share about great books, films, tv series, blogs and other things conected to stories that come across my way.


2- I’ll stop making one Author Interview per week

I had a great fun time posting 27 author interviews since October 2015, but this will be, from now on, only an occasional feature of this blog. I’ve had a ball, but now I’ll slow down. The two main reasons for this are lack of interested authors and lack of time to organize and post the interviews. If you, though, are an author and would like to be interviewed let me know. I’ll still post author interviews now and then.


3- I love blogging, but it does takes away considerable writing and learning time.

Writing a blog post takes a long time (I’m an slow writer), and then sometimes the post I wrote doesn’t fit into the overall concept of this blog.

Did you already started writing something and after 350 words considered the tone, the idea, or how you wrote those words not so great to share? This happens to me now and then, even if before being ready the post seemed like an awesome idea.

My undisturbed time to write and learn the craft of writing is extremely short, like three to four hours per week if no kids are ill and I’m lucky. I still can manage to read a book on writing craft wenn kids are home, but that is quite often interrupted, set aside and very much right so, after all my children are my priority. And those wasted 350 words would have been much better employed if I concentrate in my writing project instead of a blog post. Apart from writing I also have tons of first draft pages to revise and this needs a lot of (free of distractions) time.

I rather post less, but only what could add a value to this blog and its followers. I want to concentrate in what I see as worth sharing.

See you every two weeks.