Have I read these Popular books? The BOOKTERNET ‘All Star’ Charity Challenge #BookternetGivesBack

The BOOKTERNET ‘All Star’ Charity Challenge #BookternetGivesBack is a a book community tag challenge to raise money for COVID-19 relief created by Rachael Marie and A Frolic Through Fiction.

In this post I won’t explain the challenge in detail, for this I recommend checking out both creators Youtube channels. Basically in this tag a list of books/series and authors extremely popular on the Youtube book community, aka Booktube, is discussed and you comment if you read them or not and which were your main impressions of these books/series/author’s works.

Needless to say the graphic image below also belongs to the tag creators and I only changed the check marks to indicate which books/series and authors I read.


So, without much further ado, let’s start:

Angie Thomas

I haven’t yet read On The Come Up or The Hate You Give. I probably won’t read them tough, because I don’t read Contemporary, but never say never, right?

Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

This was a very entertaining series. I read it until book #3, Ignite Me. Eventually I’ll go on reading this series.

Leigh Bardugo

I really liked the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and also the Six of Crows duology. I considered King of Scars quite a let down so I’m not sure if I will go on to read the next book in the King of Scars Duology. Another book of hers that I really liked was The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic, this short story collection was very nicely illustrated, and the tales were awesome. Apart from that I also plan on reading Ninth House (Alex Stern, #1). Since this author’s works inspire me so much I even bought a year-long journal called The Severed Moon, which has a collection of writing prompts inspired in the magical world of her books.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

This was a very entertaining series, which I liked and read really fast, but it also happened that two persons I recommended this book to didn’t like it at all. I plan on reading more books by Holly Black since I really like her morally gray characters.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

I haven’t read this book yet, but I bought it and it’s on my TBR.

Victoria Schwab.

I read the first book of the Monsters of Verity duology, the first book of The Darker Shade of Magic trilogy and the first book of the Vicious duology. I do like her books, but I don’t consider them especially memorable or a series I have to go on reading immediately and that is probably why I have started three of her series but haven’t continued any of them.

I plan on reading Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity #2), and Vengeful (Villains #2) eventually tough.

I started The Archived but set it aside after 100 pages, not sure yet if I really want to finish it. I do read YA, but when the teen drama and problems are the main aspect of the book and are more present than the story world/plot itself than it’s not my taste.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles)

I liked the way the sci-fi elements were used in this retelling, even if the writing style was quite off. Perhaps I had too many expectations on the book due to all the hype. I never finished the second book in the series, Scarlet, tough and I’m not sure if I still want to do that.

Adam Silvera

I haven’t read any of his books yet. I hope eventually to get to it.

Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments was a very entertaining series, something good to read in summer when you just want to relax in the sun, (or shadow like me). I say that this series is pleasant like using old Havaianas on a summer day. 😉  The fourth book in the series, City of Fallen Angels, wasn’t especially memorable tough so at the moment I don’t really plan on reading the next two books in the series?
My favorite series by her so far is The Infernal Devices. I liked the steampunk historical setting and also the characters of this trilogy more. I’m not sure about reading Chain of Gold yet, let me know if it’s worth it.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I have this in my TBR because everyone raves about this. Not sure tough because it’s Contemporary?

Laini Taylor

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series was OK, even if full of ups and downs, and with a third book that didn’t really wrap-up in a way I considered satisfactory, (Zuzana and Mik were my favorite secondary characters of all time tough).

Strange the Dreamer was a three star read for me but I’ll probably still read its sequel, Muse of Nightmares.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Warning: I’m spoiled for badly written and boring sci-fi after this series. I haven’t read all the books in this blog post, but I can say with great certainty that this is probably my favorite series on this list! I liked its sequel, Gemina, very much too and plan to read Obsidio still this year.

I also have Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle Book 1) by these authors in my TBR.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

I didn’t like the first book of this series and decided not to continue it. The premise is interesting but this book is so hyped that I expected much more  and was completely underwhelmed, adding to that I also didn’t like the writing style.

Sarah J. Maas

I got tired of the Throne of Glass series on book 3. I did read book 4, but lost steam and didn’t go on reading this series so far. I might, I’m just not in a hurry. I have the feeling that this series would have been a good duology or trilogy, but it has been stretched so much that I stopped caring enough to go reading.

The same happened with A Court of Thorns and Roses. I really liked its second book, A Court of Mist and Fury, and finally the third book, A Court of Wings and Ruin, was a good wrap-up on the story arc. This is tough planned to be a six book series, so I wonder if it will have the same problem of being overextended.

No idea either if I will read her next book, House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1). I’m still waiting for the reviews to decide.

An Ember In the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

This is in my TBR too, I’m just not in a hurry because that is again an YA series and I have more than enough YA books to read for now.

Seanan McGuire

I read the first of the YA Novella series Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children #1), and two of her paranormal fantasy series books: Rosemary and Rue (October Daye #1) and A Local Habitation (October Daye #2) by this author and in all three books I had this sense of everything being rushed-up and the world building and story not being developed enough to fulfill its premise, so I guess this author’s books aren’t for me.

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

This is in my TBR as well, even if I wonder if Grimdark is something I really like. I read and watched Game of Thrones, but this was very much an exception, when there is too much violence I tend to set books and TV series aside especially on these days of lock down, so let’s see.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

I almost never read Romance and even less Young Adult Romance, so I probably won’t pick up this one.


And you, do you think that hyped books are the best or the worst? Which of these books would you recommend me to read first? Let me know in the comments.

OWLs Readathon 2020 Wrap-Up #magicalreadathon2020

In April I participated in the OWLs Magical Readathon created by Book Roast 

I’m quite happy with my results, since I not only managed to get the OWLs to be a Journalist/Writer, but also to be a Seer. Additionally, I also did the Animagus Training OWLs .

My Seer OWLs were:

Ancient Runes:

Heart Rune: Heart on the cover or in the title
Heart of Iron (Ashley Poston) – Rating: 3,5 stars
This was an entertaining YA sci-fi book, with sympathetic pirates and romances. I’ll probably go on reading this series.


Night Class: read a majority of a book when it’s dark outside
Wicked Saints (Something Dark and Holy #1) by Emily A. Duncan – Rating: 4 stars
I considered this a character-driven book, and quite a slow-burn for YA.
Holding on with the slow way in which the story unfolded was rewarding tough, since I liked the writing style and the character development. I’ll be following up this series just to see where the characters will go.


Third Eye: pick a book randomly from your TBR
I read a book chosen by #bookspin on Litsy. The chosen book was The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library #1) by Genevieve Cogman. – Rating: 4 stars
This was a bit slow in the beginning, but I liked the story world and the characters a lot and especially how the book was an interesting mix of historical/paranormal fantasy and mystery. I will be following this series for sure.

My Journalist/Writer OWLs were:

Muggle Studies

Book from the perspective of a Muggle. Contemporary

Midnight in Austenland (Austenland #2) by Shannon Hale- Rating: 5 stars!
This was a page-turner, super entertaining mixture of contemporary romance and mystery.

History of Magic

Witch Hunts- Books featuring Witches/Wizards

I changed my mind here and decided to read a Novella, The Witch’s Curse by Megan Linski. Rating: 3 stars.
This was an entertaining fantasy Novella that I read in one sitting.

Care of Magical Creatures

Hippogriffs: a creature with a beak (e.g. birds) on the cover
I also changed my first choice here to Wrath and Wing (Ena of Ilbrea #0) by Megan O’Russell. Rating: 3 stars.
This was an entertaining fantasy Novella too, and it’s the beginning of a series that could be interesting.

Animagus Training OWLs


Read a Book Outside of Your Favorite Genre- For this I decided to read an epistolary Novella.
This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone- Rating: 3 stars.
This book had a very original premise.
The writing style was quite different than what I usually read, no idea if it would be too flowery or just poetic for a native speaker. I considered it beautifully written.
I had a hard time immersing myself in the story tough, because of the way it is written, epistolary, and the constantly changing settings, that put too much distance between me as a reader and the characters. I also need more plot happening to keep me really invested in a story.
All that said, I’ll probably reread this book (in times quieter than in the middle of the corona crisis), to see if I manage to concentrate better on the beautiful prose and to see if my opinion on it changes for the better.


Books Under 150 Pages- I exceptionally read two Novellas for this prompt, first I read The Emperor’s Soul (Elantris) by Brandon Sanderson – Rating: 5 Stars! An awesome Novella, the more I read Brandon Sanderson, the more I want to keep reading.

I also read what I was previously planning for this prompt which was one of the Novellas of the Tor.com Collection: Season 1, that I have as an Audiobook;  Sunset Mantle by Alter S. Reiss.- Rating: 5 Stars!

A beautifully written epic fantasy novella with themes such as love, honor, loyalty, heroism, that make it transcendent and relatable to human experience at the same time. One of my favorites in the Tor.com Collection: Season 1 so far. The Audiobook narrator also fitted extremely well for this particular story.


Book/Series that has Shapeshifting. (This unfortunately didn’t work out so well for me)

I started reading Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox #1) by Julie Kagawa, but I set it aside because I didn’t like its mostly helpless female main characters. I picked up this book as a second attempt to read this author, since I also didn’t like her Iron King series so much due to the same issue. It didn’t work for me, so I decided to change my choice for this prompt and read Stray (Shifters #1) by Rachel Vincent – Rating 2 Stars
This was a page-turner book, with all the tropes of the paranormal romance genre. Unfortunately, if you are tired of the genre like me, this probably won’t be original enough to bring you back.

The reasons why I didn’t like it are the following ones:
*SPOILER ALERT* In the next lines there are a couple of end of the story spoilers, and a bit of a rant too, so *RANT ALERT* 😉

1) Stereotypical Brazilian characters who speak Spanish all the time.
Imo it’s completely OK if you as a writer want to make your villain Brazilian, but at least research a bit and stop making them curse and speak all the time in Spanish. Miguel and his brother were cardboard characters who always repeated the same cliché things… in Spanish.

2) The end of the story: Faythe conforming to her bossy father’s wishes and going back to her world wasn’t a great ending to her story. What about her previous choices? I wished that she didn’t have to give up everything she had chosen previously to stay with Marc. It was also quite weird the whole thing with her being used to be in a cage for weeks because her own father had done that to her previously.

3) The whole idea of very few female Shifters versus male Shifters. So your hot ex-boyfriend would stay around waiting for five years because he has no other alternative. Yeah… It was a bit difficult to suspend my disbelief there.

Have you participated in the OWLs Readathon too? Which was your favorite book?

R/fantasy 2019 Bingo: Final Wrap-Up

In April 2019 I was planning to post quarterly updates on this challenge, but after my first quarterly update in June 2019, I completely forgot about it. Anyway, now that the Bingo Challenge is finished , I decided to post this complete Wrap-up because late is better than never… Therefore, here is my final Wrap-up on this yearly challenge created by Lisa from WayTooFantasy

Like the last time I participated in 2018, I did not complete the 25 reading prompts for all bingo squares, since what happens is that I often read more than one book for the same prompt, and tend to procrastinate on a couple of prompts.

This time only three prompts weren’t completed, and they were:

1)Self Published SFF Novel

2)SFF Novel by an Australian Author and

3)Lit RPG

but that doesn’t really matter much, since I’ll eventually get to read the books I had planned for them and post the review here on the blog. I might even swap one of the squares of the new bingo card for one of these last years’s squares, let’s see.

Lastly, to make this post shorter, I won’t repeat the reviews from my June update here, so please take a look in that post for the books where a link to the June quarterly update is provided.  

Row 1

Slice of Life / Small Scale Fantasy

I was setting aside the book I chose for this prompt, The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater after a few pages. I can’t really explain what happened and I’ll eventually pick up this book again to give it a second chance. Instead, I read Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1) by Laini Taylor.

Rating: 3 stars. This took long to unfold. It wasn’t so bad that I DNFed it but it was slow, really slow. It had the flaw of a couple of books I read recently, too much play-by-play, repetitions, and the pace drags. If 100 or more pages of filler had been cut out of it, it would have been a five star book.

 A SFF Novel Featuring a Character With a Disability

Planetfall (Planetfall #1) by Emma Newman

Rating: 4 stars. This was a very suspenseful, and character-driven science fiction.

SFF Novella

Envy of Angels (Sin du Jour #1) by Matt Wallace JunePlease see my June 2019 Post with my first quarterly reviews.

Witches of Lychford (Lychford #1) by Paul Cornell

Rating 4 stars: This was a novella that could have been easily a novel, but perhaps the other books in the series will flesh out the very interesting characters a bit more. I heard this as part of the Tor.com collection Audiobook and the narrator was good too.

The Builders by Daniel Polansky

Rating 3 stars:  This was very well written. With as much action and violence as a Quentin Tarantino movie and very interesting characters. Not exactly for me, but I could imagine fans of stories full of action enjoying it.

Novel Featuring Twins

I was reading  The Black Tides of Heaven (Tensorate, #1) by J.Y. Yang for this bingo square and my review is in the June 2019 Post

Row 2

Novel Featuring Vampires

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris June

June 2019 Post

Tantalize (Tantalize #1) by Cynthia Leitich Smith

This was an entertaining, page-turner, first book of a series. Only the end was a bit rushed up.

On a second note, the end if this book was quite tragic too. To me the MC and her caretaker uncle seemed to be emotionally lost people. Especially the main character was a very lonely teen without proper guidance and support from anyone in her life, so she just started to lean on the seductive new chef which was slowly turning her into a vampire.

This fictional thing could be compared to real life problems of teen girls who get drug addicted or too attached to bad people due to lack of parental support.

I considered the end tragic for this reason, but I  was intrigued by the plot thematic layers that turned a girl becoming a vampire not to a romantic thing, as many other YA books, but rather to a Machiavellian murder.

Format: Graphic Novel (at least 1 vol.) OR Audiobook / Audio drama

Audiobook: We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse #1) by Dennis E. Taylor (Author), Ray Porter (Narrator) 

June 2019 Post

I was hearing more Audiobooks last year. My plan is to make a blog post only featuring Audiobooks in the near future.

Graphic Novel: The Wicked + The Divine (Single Issues) by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (Cover Art), Matt Wilson

Rating: 3,5 stars. I read most of the 45 single issues of this graphic novel. This was an entertaining, page-turner graphic novel that I could not put down, even if now and then things were not so well explained, or fleshed out.

SFF Novel by a Local to You Author

Dream a little dream (Silber #1) by Kerstin Gier

Rating: 4 stars. This was an entertaining page-turner, and a light, humorous book. I’ll be reading the next in the series for sure.

SFF Novel Featuring an Ocean Setting

Evermore (Everless #2) by Sara Holland

Rating: 3 stars. Beautifully written even if slow-paced. The ending was nicely wrapped-up too.


Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs #1) by Richard K. Morgan

June 2019 Post

Row 3

2nd Chance

I chose Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox #1) by Julie Kagawa for this prompt because this was a second chance I was giving to books by this author after not really enjoying her Iron King series. I set this aside after a few pages. Call me heartless, but I don’t really like when the MC is a victim who has no resources against her oppressors. I think that this type of story might work better with a younger audience, so I’m probably not the target audience for her books.


The Book of Phoenix (Who Fears Death #0.5) by Nnedi Okorafor

Rating: 3,5 stars. I’m not really sure about how to review this book. It was very original, but its pacing was all over the place, sometimes dragging, sometimes rushed up.

SFF Novel Published in 2019

The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves #1) by Roshani Chokshi

Rating: 3,5 stars. Kind of the same uncertainty on this review. I liked the characters in this book a lot, but perhaps I’m the wrong audience for too much action? This isn’t the first time a book full of action made me tired of it.

Middle Grade SFF Novel

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand (Author), Sarah Watts (Illustrator)

Rating: 2 stars. This was interesting, not much is explained and I’m not sure I would read this for young kids. (It seemed more directed towards young adults than middle-grade.)

A Personal Recommendation from r/fantasy

I read two books for this prompt. Elantris and The Emperor’s Soul, a Novella, by Brandon Sanderson. Both were 5 stars reads for me, since I really enjoy this author’s books and plan to read more on them in the future.

Row 4

Any r/fantasy Book Club Book of the Month OR r/fantasy Read-along Book

Foundryside (Founders #1) by Robert Jackson Bennett

Rating: 3 stars. This was long and full of action. I somehow could not really get immersed in this book.

Media Tie-In Novel

I read three books that fit this prompt, and the reviews are in my June blog post.

1)Children of the Nameless (Magic:The Gathering) by Brandon Sanderson

2)Mortal Engines (Mortal Engines Quartet #1) by Philip Reeve

3) The Circle by Dave Eggers

Novel Featuring an AI Character

Silently and Very Fast by Catherynne M. Valente.

Rating: 4 stars. This novella’s writing style was towards stream of consciousness, and this was in any case food-for-thought.

 SFF Novel That Has a Title of Four or More Words

An Unkindness of Magicians (An Unkindness of Magicians #1) by Kat HowardJune blog post.

A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan #1) by Arkady Martine

Audiobook Rating: 5 stars. It did take me a while to hear this because I didn’t want to loose any detail of this book full of political intrigue and twists. I will be following this series for sure. The Audiobook narration, by Amy Landon, was five stars too.


I set aside my first choice for this prompt, which was Deathless (Leningrad Diptych #1) by Catherynne M. Valente, because I didn’t feel immersed enough in the story and I didn’t want to repeat authors in the reading prompts. So, instead I read:

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

Audiobook Rating: 5 stars. A magnificent retelling of Frankenstein, and the Audiobook Performance of Katharine McEwan was five stars too.

Row 5

The Final Book of a Series

Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels #10) by Ilona Andrews

Rating: 5 stars. This was amazing, a great final book for this awesome series. I could not put it down.


Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse.

Rating: 4 stars. This was very interesting, I don’t consider it YA due to the amount of violence tough. The heroine is not at first sight likable, mainly because I have not seen enough layers to understand her well enough but I hope that the next book in the series shows more of her journey. The love interests are also shown superficially, but hopefully I’ll get deeper arcs in the next book too. Since the character’s presentations mainly skipped the surface in this first book, I hope we get deeper developments in the next book of the series.

I’ll give it 4 and not 5 stars due to the reasons I already stated and because I missed more depth in the story world, a lot of things I would have gladly know more about went unexplained or were shown in a superficial way. The plot also moved in all directions, as if the story was starting anew at every chapter.

Perhaps my impressions of the story world were like this because I am not familiar with Native American Culture. I would have gladly read a glossary with explanations about the Native American cultural references used in the story.

In any case, this book was a very original page-turner that I could not put down.

Five SFF Short Stories

Now in 2020, I am making a Short-Story Challenge where I plan to read at least 52 short stories from different anthologies/collections. And the resulting Wrap-up blog will be posted in December this year.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume One, 1929-1964 (Science Fiction Hall of Fame #1).

This anthology has been a mixed bag for me so far.

A couple of stories were awesome and extremely original, and a few had lines filled up with misogyny. I don’t enjoy reading such stuff at all, and my tolerance for an author’s horrible attitude towards women is really low, to the point that  more than one book with that kind of flaw by the same author is reason enough for me to avoid the works of such author in the future.

I am even tough planning to read the whole anthology and take note of the authors who positively impress me to read more by them in the near future.

5 Stories:

Nightfall • (1941) • novelette by Isaac Asimov – 5 stars! Isaac Asimov shows again why he is one of my favorite authors!

The Weapon Shop • [Weapon Shops of Isher] • (1942) • novelette by A. E. van Vogt– I didn’t like this so much due to a couple of misogynistic lines.

Mimsy Were the Borogoves • (1943) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ] –Very interesting story- 5 stars!

Huddling Place • [City] • (1944) • shortstory by Clifford D. Simak

Don’t get to attached to your comfort zone…

Arena • (1944) • novelette by Fredric Brown – There is an episode of Star Trek that reminds me of this story a lot.


I’ll soon post a TBR for the R/Fantasy Bingo Challenge of 2020. Stay Tuned!



R/fantasy 2019 Bingo: TBR and First Impressions Wrap-Up

r/fantasy 2019 TBR

In the picture above:

Titles in blue: Books I read for that square prompt, and included a mini-review here.

Titles in black: The books I chose for the challenge prompts and haven’t read yet.

This year I started the R/fantasy 2019 Bingo challenge with enthusiasm and already read books for seven of the prompts in the bingo card.

I decided to post the Bingo Challenge Wrap-Ups (with the mini-reviews on the finished prompts) quarterly, instead of writing a long, with 25 books or more, Wrap-Up in April 2020.

So here is my TBR with the finished prompts. If you are mainly interested in the mini-reviews and not so much on my planned TBR, just jump to where I put “(Done!)” before the prompt. I also put the already read book titles in bold. And a last warning, sometimes it was difficult to be completely spoiler free on my review, so if you don’t want to know too much about the story, skip the parts with *spoiler alert*.

Slice of Life / Small Scale Fantasy – The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

A SFF Novel Featuring a Character With a Disability– Planetfall-E.Newman

(Done!) SFF NovellaEnvy of Angels (Sin du Jour #1) by Matt Wallace
Rating 3 stars: This was very different and entertaining. The reasons I’m not giving it more stars is that for me, the plot didn’t have much structure, being a constant run of crazy and bizarre events on top of each other. For a novella, it also had many characters, to a point where I wasn’t following who was who and not caring much either because *spoiler alert* zombie clowns were attacking. I hope though that the next books of the series may deepen their story arcs.

Self-Published SFF Novel – It’s a though decision, since I have many writer friends. I will probably start five different books and read the one that I like best entirely. One I might try is Lady of the Veils by M.L. John.

(Done!) SFF Novel Featuring TwinsThe Black Tides of Heaven (Tensorate, #1) by J.Y. Yang  Rating: 3 stars *spoiler alert*

This was the first book I read with the pronouns they and them for a character and I considered this new and interesting. The writing style though sounded almost like a fairy tale and now and then I felt that important things were told too quickly, like for example, *spoiler alert*, when one of the characters went to a mountain to get phoenix feathers and came back with them almost in the next phrase. I was so surprised that such a thing that could have been a book on its own was just thrown in like that.

*spoiler alert* I also could not really connect with the main character as most of the time Akeha seemed to only react to what happened in the plot, the action being carried by other secondary characters that should have been main characters instead of him, since they were the ones who moved the plot. Even the so feared (for unexplained reasons btw) ‘Mother’ would have been a more interesting POV. The passive way how Akeha mainly reacted dragged the story so much I wished other character had been chosen to be the main POV of the book, because any other character would have done more. I considered the situation with the mother of the twins very superficially told, in a way I didn’t understand why everybody was so extremely afraid of facing her. This was the kind of book that could have been much improved from rewriting and more active POVs.

(Done!)  Novel Featuring VampiresDead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris–  Rating: 3 stars
This was funny. *spoiler alert* The end was a bit rushed up and out of the blue, but I’ll probably go on reading this series.

(Done!) Format: Graphic Novel (at least 1 vol.) OR Audiobook / Audio drama

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse #1) by Dennis E. Taylor (Author), Ray Porter (Narrator) Format: Audiobook – I enjoyed this book a lot, it made me laugh and the writing style reminded me of The Martian by Andy Weir.

I just wished that when authors would put Brazilians in a story, that they would use Brazilian names and not use Portuguese words (even curse words) out of context. Brazilians don’t use Mexican or Spanish curses.

I’m not saying this because I’m upset about the role of the Brazilian ships in the story. I’m happy that Brazil was portrayed in this book as a powerful country. (I hope one day it gets there but definitely not as a military empire.)

I will surely go on reading this funny and entertaining, page-turner series. The Audiobook performance of Ray Porter was five stars too.

SFF Novel by a Local to You Author – Dream a little dream (Silber #1) – Kerstin Gier

SFF Novel Featuring an Ocean Setting -The Priory of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

(Done!) CyberpunkAltered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs #1) by Richard K. Morgan
Rating: 2 stars. The story world/mystery was interesting and I really tried to like this, reading until around 30% of the book, but it wasn’t for me.

I didn’t like the pacing, writing style, and the visceral/gory details didn’t help.

2nd Chance– I’ll give a second chance to an author I didn’t like the previous books so much, so I might read the Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox #1) by Julie Kagawa for this prompt, even if the first books in the The Iron Fey series were three stars for me and I didn’t go on reading the series.

Afrofuturism – Brown Girl in the Ring – Nalo Hopkinson.
One of my continuing goals is to read more POC Authors, so I intend to read not only this, but many other books of Afrofuturism. Probably still this year if I manage, so stay tunned. 😉

SFF Novel Published in 2019 – The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves #1) by Roshani Chokshi

Middle Grade SFF Novel – The School for Good and Evil (The School for Good and Evil #1) by Soman Chainani

A Personal Recommendation from r/Fantasy – The Cloud Roads (The Books of the Raksura #1) by Martha Wells

(Done!) Any r/fantasy Book Club Book of the Month OR r/fantasy Read-along BookFoundryside (Founders #1) by Robert Jackson Bennett

This is long and full of action. I could not really get immersed in this book so I’ll set it aside it for now and pick it up again eventually.

(Done!) Media Tie-In Novel – I read three books that can fit this prompt!

1)Children of the Nameless (Magic:The Gathering)by Brandon Sanderson
Rating: 5 Stars! This novella that Sanderson has written for Magic: The Gathering was awesomely well written. Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite new authors!

2)Mortal Engines (Mortal Engines Quartet #1) by Philip Reeve
This was one of the most interesting books I came across for a long time; with an extremely well built story world and every single one of the characters had many layers and something unique and special about them. The movie is on my asap list to watch.

3) The Circle by Dave Eggers
This book, that warns about the dangers of Social Media, may seem exaggerated and therefore ridiculous, but is it really so exaggerated? I look at the world around me and don’t think it is.
I see how a lot of people are looking at their smartphones for hours and hours, sending pictures of everything, nearly showing everyday reports of their lives. I receive messages of people upset because I was a couple of hours offline and didn’t send them an immediate answer, I do look around me and encounter similarities to the Circle world in an uncomfortable and unpleasant way. So I wonder how much the uncomfortable truths of this book can be dismissed.
My opinion is that the film based on this book had a *spoiler alert* very happy ending that seemed forced and not faithful to the tone and message of the book .

Novel Featuring an AI Character– Silently and Very Fast by Catherynne M. Valente.

(Done!) SFF Novel That Has a Title of Four or More Words
An Unkindness of Magicians (An Unkindness of Magicians #1) by Kat Howard – Rating: 5 stars!
This is a masterpiece, it has magic but even though it managed to have an extremely original plot of fantasy filled up with so many important themes and written in such an awesome style that I can’t believe it doesn’t has a higher rating and it isn’t all that hyped. Quality food-for-thought that everybody interested (or not) in stories with magic should read.

I might still read A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan #1) by Arkady Martine for this prompt, in any case this book is on my asap radar.

Retelling! – Deathless (Leningrad Diptych #1) by Catherynne M. Valente.

SFF Novel by an Australian Author – Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1) by Jay Kristoff.

The Final Book of a Series– It will come up eventually, when I decide to follow up on a series. Lately I have had many reasons not to follow book series, but this will be the topic for one of my next blog posts.

#OwnVoices – Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse. I also want to read the anthology New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color by Nisi Shawl for this prompt.

LitRPG – Sufficiently Advanced Magic (Arcane Ascension #1) by Andrew Rowe. I didn’t manage to read this book last year so I want to do this in 2019. I am an ocean of good intentions, really. 😉

Five SFF Short Stories – The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume One, 1929-1964 (Science Fiction Hall of Fame #1). (I love me old sci-fi tales from even before the time Spock was our most loved alien.)

I am also hearing the anthology “Tor.com Collection: Season 1” so I’ll post all reviews when I have achieved this year’s goal of hearing and reading-a-ton (this sound funnily the same as Readathon) of these short stories/novellas.

And you? Are you doing reading challenges this year or are you just picking up the next book on the shelf? Have you find any of my picks interesting ? Or not?

Let me know in the comments.


2018 r/Fantasy Book Bingo Reading Challenge – TBR and Update

In May I was reposting the original post from Way Too Fantasy about the r/Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge here in the blog.

I started this challenge in end of April and finally managed to make a nice graphic with my TBR in the original Bingo Card.

The white squares are the challenges I haven’t picked a book yet. The challenges are:

  1. Fantasy Novel that Takes Place Entirely Within One City
  2. Self-Published Fantasy Novel
  3. Novel with Fewer Than 2500 Goodreads Ratings
  4. Novel Featuring God as a Character.

I will probably pick two books from my writer friends for challenges 2 and 3. I still have no idea about which ones for 1 and 4. Any ideas? Along the year I’ll surely change my mind about the books for a couple of challenges too, I’ve picked up a tough Dystopia for one of them and I rather read Dystopias in winter. For me, it doesn’t work to read serious Dystopia under a sunny blue sky.

The squares written in blue are the challenges I already completed and the ones in black are still to be read. So far I have read 6 books out of 25, and when 50% of the books are finished I’ll post my midway reviews.

To have less information filling up the card I was putting only the title of the books in each square. To know which challenge belongs to which book please take a look at the original Bingo Challenge card

So, without much further ado, here’s is my TBR Bingo Card:


And you, are you also doing this or other reading challenges? What do you think of the books I chose? Let me know in the comments.

17 Book Prompts from my Reading Challenge 2017



This year was a blast for me when it comes to reading. Since I started tracking what I read with Goodreads I never read so much, the number was 152 ‘books’ although I must confess that around the half of them were comics or graphic novels, in single issues or collected editions. This was the year I read (and loved) the whole Saga, Monstress, and East of West series and these graphic novels were page-turner-addicting reads. Besides them, I also read more of fantasy, young adult and sci-fiction. I also read around six non-fiction books on writing, a number smaller than I wanted to read this year, and a couple of books outside my favourite genres, thrillers or historical fiction, since I consider retellings another branch of fantasy. I discovered new favourite authors (Brian K. Vaughan, Leigh Bardugo, Victoria Aveyard, Collen Oakes, Brandon Sanderson, Erin Morgenstern) and gave up on others too. So now, without further ado, here are the challenge categories I managed to fulfil this busy year:

1. A book written by a member of The Dragon’s Rocketship:
P.A.W.S. (P.A.W.S. #1) by Debbie Manber Kupfer. (Rating: 4 Stars)
What a cute shapeshifter story, I could not put this book down. I’ll also quite curious to see what will happen to all the characters, so I’ll go on reading this series.

2. The next book in a series you still didn’t finish: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J. Maas. (Rating: 4 Stars)
** spoiler alert ** I liked this book more than the third in the series. Manon is a very interesting character and I’m curious about how she’ll develop in the next book. I was disappointed on how Chaol lost space in the story, but perhaps that was the right thing for the plot. Also disappointed on the extremely rushed-up resolution with the two main villains, not enough was said or developed so it was a well-rounded resolution, and the main character didn’t play the central role in both climaxes, perhaps for emotional reasons(?) For this reason, I rate this book 4 and not 5 stars even though this is a very interesting series and I’ll probably read the next book.

3. A book you can read in one sitting: How to Be Perfectly Unhappy by Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal. (Rating: 5 Stars)
What a lovely and poetic short graphic novel! I can totally relate to the questions and answers in this book. After all, what means to be happy nowadays? Is happiness or a pretence of happiness the ultimate goal? Or is it fine to be “busy, interested, fascinated” and “perfectly unhappy”?

4.A graphic novel: Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe (Manga Classics) by Stacy King (Author) (Adapted by), Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia-Nitouhei (Art “The Tell-Tale Heart”), Chagen (Art “The Cask of Amontillado”), Uka Nagao (Art “The Masque… Read Death”), pikomaro (Art “The Raven”), Linus Liu (Art “Fall of the House of Usher”), Man Yiu (Art “Fall of the House of Usher”). (Rating: 5 Stars)
Gothic, eerie, and beautiful. I liked this Manga version of Poe’s classics a lot. I haven’t read all these stories in their original version but the dark atmosphere from them seems to have been well translated into this format. The art was overall well done and the classic stories dark and eerie depth strengthened it. My favourite stories were The Cask of Amontillado, The Raven and The Mask of the Red Death.

5.A book with a LGBT Character: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. (Rating: 4 Stars)
I liked the underlying theme, but the hype it’s kind of exaggerated. Still, an entertaining comic.

6. A trilogy: The Grishaverse #1- #3 by Leigh Bardugo. (Rating: 5 Stars)
This was the year of trilogies for me, besides this, I read three others and liked them almost as much, but my favourite was “The Grishaverse”. I liked this trilogy so much, I might get the paperback or hardcover box set of it, even if I already read it on my eReader. There are books that you must have on your shelf for a reread.

7. A book in a genre you don’t normally read: You (You #1) by Caroline Kepnes. (Rating: 4 Stars)
The writer’s voice makes this thriller an engaging and page-turning read, while quite original due to the unreliable narrator. And it is indeed a warning on the excessive use of social media.

8.A dystopian: Matched (Matched #1) by Ally Condie. (Rating: 4 Stars)
** spoiler alert ** This book is slower paced than the most science-fiction dystopia books usually are, but this perhaps due to the characters relationships being in the foreground. This slower pace, in my opinion, also created a better world description and story development, so it was all right for me. I liked the way the story was told even if the book finishes with a hook. And the touching role the Dylan Thomas poem played in the story was so beautiful, that it alone won my good opinion on this book. I’ll probably finish this series later.

9. A book with magic: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. (Rating: 5 Stars)

Magical. It deserves the hype.

10.A book over 500 pages: Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, Marie Lu. (Rating: 5 Stars)
This book was as fun as Illuminae, and Illuminae was already a lot of fun. I’m totally spoiled for badly written and boring sci-fi after this series.

11.A book that makes you laugh: Date Night on Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador #1) by E.M. Foner (Rating: 4 Stars)
This book was quite funny and has an interesting story. It’s not exactly a complex and serious sci-fi saga but something light for an entertaining afternoon.

12. A book that makes you laugh literally out loud: Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah’s Scribbles #1) by Sarah Andersen. (Rating: 5 Stars)
This is quite funny. My only complaint: It’s too short! I could read one thousand pages of this, lol

13. A high fantasy: Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson.(Rating: 5 Stars)
This book is so good you will take your time reading it, so it lasts longer. And so far I can remember, it’s one of the best epic fantasies I’ve read.

14. A book with a war: Old Man’s War (Old Man’s War #1) by John Scalzi. (Rating: 5 Stars)
The author’s voice gives this sci-fi war story a light and humorous (real ROFL like moments) touch.

15.A young adult book (trilogy): Red Queen (Red Queen #1-3) by Victoria Aveyard
(Rating: 3,4,4 Stars for each book)
I found the story with silver and red people quite interesting, so why 3 to 4 stars? Mostly, and this is a pet peeve I usually have with YA, I think that romance took over other, more interesting, plot components.
I would gladly hear more about how silver appeared and came to power. When did that happen? Was it radiation, selective breeding, genetic techniques that brought the silver their special powers? The mentor figure of Julian was quite wasted as he didn’t provide any information, writers nowadays are so extremely scared of boring readers with backstory they just hint at it most times. I would have liked to know how this world came to be, this exploration of a future scenario being more interesting to me than another love triangle. Even though, I still like the characters and plot so I went on reading this series up to the third book “King’s Cage”. I still feel that the science fiction side of the story is mostly left to the side as no background explanations are given to the story world. Instead, the reader gets a lot of action and really long battle scenes, perhaps this was done so the target audience wouldn’t consider the book boring? I don’t know the reason for the lack of depth of the story world but even though missed it. Well, let’s see how the series will go on.

16. A standalone book: Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project #2) by Val McDermid
(Rating: 5 Stars)
A fresh and modern retelling of a classic. Now, can someone please tell me where can I find the Hebridean Harpies series? 😉

17a.) A book that was later made into a movie, play or tv show: Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead
(Rating: 4 Stars)
I liked this book and its vampire/high school drama mixture. I may go on reading this series, I’m just not intrigued enough at the moment to do that right now.

17b.) Watch the movie you read a book based on
Vampire Academy – I can’t really recommend doing that…

READATHON TBR || BookTube-A-Thon



I wouldn’t be a good BookTube follower if I would not follow and try to participate in the BookTube-A-Thon, a weeklong Readathon event that (so far as I know) started in Ariel Bissett’s YouTube Channel and became a happy celebration of BookTubers and reading.

So, without much further ado (after all, I should be tackling my TBR right now), here is my TBR list with the challenges I finished already and my TBR for the yet to be done challenges:

The 2017 Reading Challenges:

1/ Read a book with a person on the cover.

For this challenge, I chose “Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock, #1)” by Faith Hunter.
My review: I’m right now on page 32. I have only started but so far I like this book. Let’s see where it goes.

2/ Read a hyped book.

I heard frequently of “Every Heart a Doorway(Wayward Children, #1)” by Seanan McGuire on Youtube and even now it seems to be one of the most read books in the Readathon.

My review: 3 stars. A very interesting premise, but somehow underdeveloped. Great story ideas were thrown in a shallow way that surely needed more depth. I hope the next books in the series develop it further.

3/ Finish a book in one day.

This was the first challenge I finished because short is quickly done. For this challenge, I chose the “Curran POV Collection”, a collection of scenes you can download on the web page of the authors Ilona and Gordon Andrews. This scenes will mostly only make sense if you read the Kate Daniel’s series (and I sincerely recommend this series as awesome paranormal fantasy).

My review: 5 stars, ** spoiler alert **

Curran: “I spat the ear out and knocked it toward him with my paw. No, you can keep it. Doesn’t taste that great.” This line still makes me laugh by myself one day after reading this book.

Curran POV shows his side on the scenes that were mainly told in Kate’s POV during the series. It shows the hard side of what is needed to be the alpha of the shapeshifters in Kate’s world. Not an easy day at the office for sweet and wild Curran. 😉
I wished there would be more of this series than only the next book. This is also a short book that you can (unfortunately) read in one day.

4/ Read about a character that is very different from you.

I’m planning to read “Old Man’s War (Old Man’s War #1)” by John Scalzi because the character is an old man, someone very different than me. If I don’t have time to read it this week, I’ll read it the next week so my review will be here eventually.

5/ Finish a book completely outdoors.

I’m not sure I’ll manage this in a very rainy July? When I get a couple of sunny hours I do take the books to the playground where my kids play, so most books have seen sunlight. But to finish it all outdoors would be unpractical right now.

6/ Read a book you bought because of the cover.

“Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project #2) by Val McDermid”. The one published by HarperFiction with the gloomy Abbey on the cover. Besides the cover, I also chose this book to finally read something by Val McDermid, an author my mother likes a lot and because I did like the original “Northanger Abbey” by J.Austen.

My review for this book: 5 stars, A fresh and modern retelling of a classic. Now, can someone please tell me where can I find the Hebridean Harpies series?

7/ Read seven books.

If I have the time I’ll read “The Archived (The Archived #1)” by Victoria Schwab still this week. But probably I’ll delay until next week and post my review later on. After all, why hurry? Only non-connoisseurs drink a good wine quickly.
And you? Are you participating in this Readathon? Let me know in the comments!


I didn’t manage to finish the fourth book, but I think that 3 books with my hectic real life were quite OK. I did start Skinwalker and “This Savage Song”, which I read until page 61.
Not so bad and I also managed to read a lot on the playground, so I consider Challenge number 5 half done. 🙂

So my final results were:

1/ Read a book with a person on the cover.

Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock #1) by Faith Hunter — 32 pages

2/ Read a hyped book.

Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children #1) by Seanan McGuire — 176 pages

3/ Finish a book in one day.

Curran POV Collection (Curran POV #1-9) by Gordon Andrews, Ilona Andrews  — 157 pages

I skipped Challenge 4 and will be reading this book later.

5/ Finish a book completely outdoors.

This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1) by Victoria Schwab — 61 pages, finished after the readathon.

Later update (3/8/17): I didn’t manage to read this whole book outdoors, but all my books have been outdoors one moment or another so I consider this challenge half done.

This was a 5 stars book with great characters and an original and poetic story.

6/ Read a book you bought because of the cover.

Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project #2) by Val McDermid — 358 pages

And I didn’t read the seventh book yet, but later on, steady as I go…

My Book Reading Challenge 2016


This year I was catching up with my favorite series in Paranormal Fantasy, Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews. In this genre, I also discovered a really entertaining new series, Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs, which I was almost binge-reading until book eight. I was reading a surprising amount of Young Adult, from which my favorite was the Throne of Glass series, by Sarah J.Maas. My favorite Fantasy with Science-Fiction elements books was the Mating Flight Duology with dragons and LGBT characters by Bard Bloom. And my favorite book on writing was 5 Secrets of Story Structure by K.M. Weiland due to it giving me a good overview of story structure.

I’ll focus more on this year favorite books on my next week’s post, but for now, let’s talk about this year’s challenge.

I managed to complete my reading challenge of 50 books!

And actually surpassed this number, reading 58 books this year (woo-hoo!)

I was also trying to follow the categories presented in the Reading Challenge of the Facebook group called “The Dragon Rocketship”, which is a group on Facebook about fantasy, science-fiction, (hence the dragon and the rocket ship) and writing. Since this group also has many writers, a couple of the categories included reading books from its members, something I was happy to do since I’ve been friends on Facebook with a lot of them for a couple of years already.


So here are the Challenge Categories I was fulfilling:

(though a lot of the books I read aren’t into any and vice-versa)


1. A book that was written by a member of The Dragon’s Rocketship:

Taming Shadows (Revelations #1) by Fiona Skye (Author)
This book is way better than more than a couple of traditionally published bestsellers I’ve read last years. I loved Jaguar, (the protagonist alter ego), the characters, the plot, the world, and the story inspired recipes at the end of the book.

2. A book at the bottom of your To Read pile:

Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle #1) by Diana Wynne Jones.
This was sent to the bottom of my TBR list due to its slow beginning. The characters in this book, especially Howl, are perhaps not always likable, but always intriguing. You’ll go on reading just to know how the story will develop and end.

3. The next book in a series you never finished:

Witch & Wizard (Witch & Wizard #1) by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), Gabrielle Charbonnet.
I’ll probably never finish this series since I feel it’s targeted at much younger readers. Still, it’s an entertaining book if you don’t expect too much depth from the characters.

4. A book you can read in one sitting:

Nail Your Novel Instant Fix: 100 tips for fascinating characters by Roz Morris (Author).
This short book is packed with interesting writing tips. I recommend it also for revision as a helpful character checklist.

5. A book with a dragon:

Mine by Bryan Fields (Author)
I liked the story concept and the Steampunk details very much. The end though was a bit rushed up, and I felt there were not enough pages to develop the characters and the interesting premise. Still, an entertaining short story.

6. A book with a rocketship:

Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov
My opinion is that you can’t go wrong with science fiction from Asimov.

7. A book with an LGBT Character:

Mating Flight: A Non-Romance of Dragons(Mating Flight #1) by Bard Bloom (Author), Tod Wills (Illustrator)
This book is very entertaining and it’s a page turner reading. I read this book in three days because I didn’t manage to put it down. I liked the main character, a fiery-tempered dragoness and all the witty dialogues and funny situations with the other dragons. I’ll be reading the next book in the Duology to see how this adventure ends.

8. Book 1 of a trilogy:

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1) by Laini Taylor (Author). This book has an interesting premise, setting and characters and I’ll go on reading the series. Still, three stars due to the excess of romance in detriment of the fantasy plot.

9. Book 2 of a trilogy:

Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2) by Laini Taylor (Author)
I liked this book much more than the first of the series because it had more story and turning points to it. I also like the underlying theme of the book: the peace and war duality. And I’m curious to see where the story is going.

10. Book 3 of a trilogy:

Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #3) by Laini Taylor (Author)
** spoiler alert ** I found the book quite good, and perhaps the best of the trilogy. But I must say that I found the end frustrating, with a huge hook. Is the series going on? And if not why to leave it like if the trilogy was the prequel to another book? If this is to finish here I think it would have been better to have finished with a proper ending and with the peace Akiva and Karou always looked for and deserved.

11. A book by an author you’ve never read that is a member of The Dragon’s Rocketship:

Salvage (The Land Taking Records Book 1) by M.J. Kobernus
The short-story pacing was too fast at its end, leaving some things lacking development, but the concept was quite interesting and I’ll probably take a look at its sequence to know how it goes on.

12. An anthology:

Small Magics (Kate Daniels 0.5, 5.3, 5.6 ) by Ilona Andrews (Author)
Short-stories from one of my favorite authors, in the same awesome world of a series I love. What’s not to like? 🙂

13. A book with magic:

Magic Study (The Chronicles of Ixia #2) by Maria V. Snyder (Author)
This is the second book of an interesting fantasy series. Still, it’s slower paced and more romantic than what I usually read.

14. A book that scares you:

Sins of the Future by Chasity Nicole (Author), Debbie Manber Kupfer (Author), Jackie Pitchford, Misha Burnett (Author), Matt Lovell, R.L. Andrew, Angela Garratt, Don Miskel (Author) , Boyd Miles, Jen Ponce (Author), Stephen Blake (Author), Kerry E.B. Black (Author), C. Lloyd Brill, Steven Soul, Leticia Toraci (Author), Cleve Sylcox (Illustrator).
I’m glad I was able to join this awesome anthology with scary future scenarios; which are bound to haunt the reader even after the book is finished.

15. A book that makes you laugh:

Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi (Author)
Who read and liked “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy #1-5)” will probably like this entertaining book as well. I must say that it’s not my favorite kind of science fiction since I prefer when science-fiction is the main theme. But, like the Hitchhiker’s guide, this is also a book which uses sci-fi to talk about humans themselves.

16. Read a book of a series with 5 or more books (1st):

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs
A fun page-turner, I couldn’t put it down.

17. Read a book of a series with 5 or more books (2nd):

Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2) by Patricia Briggs
I liked this book even more than the first one in the series. This one has vampires and they are dangerous and mostly evil (as they should be). It was a nice page-turning reading for my Halloween. 🙂

18. Read a book of a series with 5 or more books (3rd):

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #3) by Patricia Briggs

19. Read a book of a series with 5 or more books (4th):

Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson #4) by Patricia Briggs

20. Read a book of a series with 5 or more books (5th):

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5) by Patricia Briggs

21. A nerdy book:

Youth by Isaac Asimov
I don’t know if there is something that can be called nerdy about books since I consider them really cool (probably because I’m a nerd at heart), but if so I think you could call a short story by one of my favorite authors nerdy.

22. A non-fiction book:

5 Secrets of Story Structure: How to Write a Novel That Stands Out (Helping Writers Become Authors Book 6) by K.M. Weiland (Author)
I found this book quite helpful, it’s about story structure in a relatively summarized and easy to understand way. Great if you want an overview of Story Structure before you go into too many details. For me, this was helpful because I usually want to have a look at the whole subject before I look at each element in detail. So, if you are having difficulties to understand story structure read this short and concise book, you’ll get it in no time, it’s awesome!

23. A young adult book:

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare (Author)
This is an entertaining summer reading. It has a couple of plot devices that would fit in a soap opera, but there is nothing wrong with it if you are looking for a young adult reading just to relax.

24. A book you borrow from a friend:

Tales from P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer.

Three interesting background stories from the world of P.A.W.S. that made me quite curious about the book they are based on.

25. A book an older relative recommends:

I was reading Belgravia by Julian Fellowes recommended by my mother. Awesome book, with all the charm of Downtown Abbey and an even more interesting story. Loved it and can’t recommended it enough. It was one of my favorites this year.


So, I hope you liked my small challenge list and see you next week with a closer look at my 2016 favorite books!