About Me and this Blog



Leticia Toraci is a Brazilian freelance writer and artist who lives with her husband and her two sons in South Germany.
She has a Master degree in Food Science from the University of Reading, England.
As a child, she won an Honorable Mention for two of her short stories in the Sao Paulo Public Servants Contest in 1986.
She has also participated in theater in Campo Mourao, Brazil, where she recited several of her poems, and her drawings and paintings were also featured in an exhibit.
She has also had art exhibits in Regensburg, Aschaffenburg, and Munich, Germany.
She has lived in many different cities in Brazil, England, and Germany. For this reason, she considers herself a traveler, as are many of the characters in her stories.



I am at the moment working on a short story anthology and a fantasy series with science-fiction elements. But you can read sci-fi short stories from me in the Ship’s Log and the Sins of the Future anthologies. You can also read my stories in the online Magazine Far Horizons, all the links are in this blog post.



Life and inspiration

As this blog evolves, I see that its main purpose will be linked to three themes:

1) Ideas involving inspiration for writing.

2) My journey as a writer, how I find the way around the jungle of every day to dedicate time to writing.

3) Showing samples of my writing online. Take a look at the category Stories on the upper right corner of this page. This category lists all posts with links to my short stories.

Happy reading.






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