Reading 22 Books by My Favorite Authors in 2022 Wrap-Up. Part One: Adrian Tchaikovsky

I focused on the backlist of four of my favorite authors in 2022 and tried to read 22 books by them.

I made good progress in reading the backlists of Adrian Tchaikovsky, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Brandon Sanderson even if I didn’t read all the books I had iniatially planned.

What also happened is that I included T. Kingfisher as a second female author, so my authors list would be more male/female* balanced and left the third male author, Peter Newman, for 2023.

Therefore, I read books from the backlist of two men and two women in 2022. (*I apologize if I am using the words male and female in the wrong way here, I am still confused about the controversy around these adjectives. And I read books by queer authors too.)

My initial ambitious plan was to read the following books by Adrian Tchaikovsky:

1-The Doors of Eden

2-Dogs of War (Dogs of War #1)

3-Shards of Earth (The Final Architecture, #1)

4-The Tiger and the Wolf (Echoes of the Fall, #1)

5-Guns of the Dawn

6-The Expert System’s Brother (Expert System, #1)

7-Elder Race

I read five of these books while including a couple of others, but I concluded— after reading two or more books by him in sequence— that Tchaikovsky’s books need some time to be properly read, reflected upon and enjoyed as the extremely rich in nuances, characters and plot books that they are. I will continue to focus on his backlist and new releases as a favorite author next year.

These were the books I read by him in 2022:


5 Stars! I’m still surprised about how original this is. There isn’t a word wasted in this sharp-as-a-dagger story. I read it in one sitting because I could not put it down. I read the ebook version but the audiobook narration by Emma Newman must be excellent and I’ll keep this in mind for my future ‘reread’ of this.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Shards of Earth (The Final Architecture, #1)

4 stars. I liked the story world and the characters, but somehow this felt longer than it needed to be. In this book, there are so many factions and characters that it’s very important to look at the glossary, especially if you are hearing the audiobook. The audiobook narration was very well done though and I’ll continued the series.

Eyes of the Void (The Final Architecture #2)

5 stars! Adrian Tchaikovsky’s writing is, as always, masterfully done. He is one of the best contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy authors of this decade. The audiobook was also a lot of fun, though again I would recommend people to look in the glossary as not to lose track of all the characters and factions.

The Tiger and the Wolf (Echoes of the Fall, #1)

5 stars! This is A Game of Thrones with shapeshifters!

A fascinating story world with unforgettable characters. I’ll be continuing this series for sure.

The Bear and the Serpent(Echoes of the Fall #2)

4 stars. The author’s writing style is as always outstanding, but there are too many POVs with distinct story lines and that requires a concentration and patience I didn’t have in 2022. This richness of POVs again reminded me of A Game of Thrones series. I’ll continue this trilogy eventually, when I have the necessary focus, and if possible still in 2023.

The Expert System’s Brother (Expert System, #1)

5 stars! A fascinating story world with a very original story. I want to read its sequel next year too.

Elder Race

5 stars! “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” While reading this, I could only think about this quote by Arthur C. Clarke. A brilliant Novella by this outstanding author, the juxtaposition of science-fiction and fantasy makes this incredibly original.

Guns of the Dawn

5 stars! This book is a masterpiece. A modern classic that should be translated into all languages and read in all schools.

The audiobook narration by Emma Newman was excellent too.

I still plan to read all the books of my initial list that were not read this year in 2023.

I hope this blog post has motivated all my readers to pick books by this outstanding author!


Author: Leticia Toraci

Artist, Painter, Writer, Indie Author in training and busy Mom

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