5 things I found out when I catalogued my books


If you have been following this blog, you probably know that I love talking about books.

I have a small library at my place and a bigger one at my mother’s house in Brazil. Since I decided to start slowly I decided to catalogue only the books I have at home and only the ones that really belong to me. I didn’t catalogue my children’s and my husband’s books since I wanted more to have an idea of how many books I personally have, in what genres, and how many of my paperbacks remain unread until today.

So I started, armed with my phone where I installed Book Catalogue, and a bar code scanner app called Zxing. Besides that I had a camera to make a picture of the books I would not manage to scan so I could even though add them later on Goodreads.


And my results were… BOOM BOOM BANG BANG… drums rolling: 

1- I don’t think I have too many paper books at all! 🙂

With the modest number of 150 paper books I think there is still space for more of them. I saw that I own more electronic books than paperbacks, with around 400 e-books resting inside my e-reader. The bulk of our home library consists of my husband’s and children’s paper books, DVDs and computer games.


2 – It happened quite often that it wouldn’t be possible to scan an older book

Of 150 books, 17 were impossible to scan due to an invalid ISBN number, or they didn’t have an ISBN number at all. Many times I had difficulty scanning books which are older that eight years, but most of my older books are not at my place now anyway. The number decreased further when I sent the scanned books to Goodreads.


3 – As in your cellphone, so in the internet

A bonus advice for anyone who catalogues their books: Don’t forget to organize your book shelves in your cellphone app exactly as you have them on Goodreads, LibraryThing, or any other social cataloging web application for storing and sharing books. Otherwise every new time you upload your recently scanned books to the internet, your existing data on the social app will be erased. You must check also which edition you might have previously added on Goodreads to avoid duplicates.


4 – I have less fiction books than non-fiction

At the moment, not counting the paper books I left in Brazil, I have 40 fantasy and 20 science-fiction books. But this is mainly due to the majority of them being at my mother’s place or in my e-reader. Other 20 fiction books were classics, poetry, humor or other genres.

My non-fiction books have as main subjects writing craft (33 books) and art/drawing/painting. (21 books).


5 – I read most of my fiction books and will put the few unread ones in my TBR list

Among my fantasy and sci-fi books only ten remain unread.  My other unread books are mainly non-fiction and other fiction genres. I must indeed think twice before buying yet another non-fiction book. But I could imagine myself getting a paperback copy from my favorite fiction e-books in the near future.

Oh look, new dark fantasy books on amazon. I have to go now.




Author: Leticia Toraci

Artist, Painter, Writer, Indie Author in training and busy Mom

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