Author Interview – David K. Hulegaard


With encouragement from friends and family, David K. Hulegaard wrote his first novel in 2010, and has cut a swath through Sci-Fi and Fantasy ever since. Lauded for his ability to create complex, meaningful characters, David’s Noble trilogy takes readers on an emotional journey that has garnered comparisons to the works of Philip K. Dick and Stephen King.
By day, David works at BioWare, a critically-acclaimed video game development studio known for its masterclass storytelling, and has played a role in popular franchises such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
David lives in Port Townsend, Washington with his wife Jennie, and their banana-obsessed Welsh Terrier Tobi. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, professional wrestling, and photography.
How would you describe your story in one sentence?
DAVID HULEGAARD: An adventure across the stars, in which a budding, young hero jeopardizes his critical mission to save a friend in peril.

What inspired you to write your story/characters/theme?
DH: Planet of Ice is book two in the Broken Stars series, and creator Tony Healey laid down some tremendous groundwork with the first book, Age of Destiny, for me to build upon. He set the tone and pace for the story, and introduced the world to Max, the series protagonist. For this book, I wanted to explore Max’s surrounding cast a bit deeper, and also examine the repercussions of the group’s actions in the first book. Max is destined to become the galaxy’s savior, but at only 16 years old, he still has much to learn. He can’t accomplish his goals by himself, and in Planet of Ice, the limits of friendship are tested.

Which authors have influenced you?
DH: Jim Butcher is definitely a huge influence of mine, but I’ve also learned so much from my peers, such as Bernard Schaffer, William Vitka, Simon Cox, and of course, Tony Healey himself. I feel blessed to have met and worked with such talented writers.

Which are your favorite literary genres?
DH: Sci-Fi and fantasy are my sweet spot, but my tastes can be all over the board at times. There’s nothing quite like a well-told ghost story, but once I finish it, my next read could very well be a sports drama.

What makes a book/story special for you?
DH: Complete immersion. I want something that connects me to the characters and makes me care about their story. If a story causes me to invest real emotion, then I’m hooked for the long haul and have a hard time putting it down. Those are the stories I’ll remember forever.

Where do you live? Did your hometown/country/culture influenced your story?
DH: I live in Port Townsend, Washington, which is a Victorian seaport town filled with history and natural beauty. Lots of people move here specifically for the inspiration and sense of community, so our little town is a hub of arts and culture. I definitely think being by the water has given me inspiration.

How long you needed for writing this book/for your first draft/ for your revision/editing process?
DH: I wrote the first draft for Planet of Ice in record time. After Tony and I talked through the plot, I hammered out a manuscript in about twelve weeks. We spent another four weeks on revisions and editing, which was great. Tony created these characters, and he was fantastic in helping me stay true to their voice and personalities.

What helped you to get inspired and overcome hurdles along the writing of your book?
DH: This was my first time collaborating with another writer in this capacity, so I was a bit intimidated at first. I have nothing but the greatest respect for Tony, and as a fan of his work, I wanted him to love the direction I took as much as I did. Much to my delight, he only asked me to rethink a couple ideas, and after that he turned me loose. I appreciate how much trust he gave me to play in his sandbox, which included letting me create new characters and add lore to his existing universe. How cool is that?

Best piece (s) of advice for first time writers?
DH: The most important thing to remember is that you’ll never unlock your full potential without reading. Bury your nose into as many books relative to your genre as you can, and always set aside time to read. Then practice, practice, practice! As you develop your craft, keep writing, even if you think it’s not good enough. You’ll get better with every word you put on the page.

Where can readers contact you in the internet? Do you have a blog/website?
DH: Please visit me at, and follow me on Twitter @HulegaardBooks. I love talking to people, so don’t be a stranger!

What are you planning to write/publish next?
DH: Still to be determined, but I’ve got a lot of options on my plate, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. I’ve got a couple of projects in development, and beyond that, I hear whispers of another book in the Broken Stars series. This is the busiest I’ve ever been as a writer, and I’m loving every minute of it!


Planet of Ice v2 (1)

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