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Author Interview – K.M. Herkes



K. M. Herkes is mostly quiet with a thirty-percent chance of loud, and everything else about her is subject to change without warning. She lives in the Midwest and works in a library, where she gets paid to play with books.  When she isn’t lost in her own imagination or making book recommendations, she’s outside in the garden, up to her elbows in dirt or wielding power tools with enthusiasm.
Professional development has included classroom teaching, animal training, aquaculture, horticulture, retail management, inventory operations, and customer service. Personal development is ongoing. Cats are involved.


How would you describe your story in one sentence?

Two series, so two sentences.

Stories of the Restoration. My characters are fighting to stay alive in a dystopian future that doesn’t look much different from the world of today

Rough Passages. Each story follows someone dealing with superpower-related crises in the present day of an alternate history where superpowers exploded onto the scene overnight in the middle of World War 2.


What inspired you to write your story/characters/theme?

The SotR series started off because I wrote a zombie apocalypse book that took place about a hundred years the future. Then I decided I liked the corporate-driven dystopian society I’d created as a setting more than I liked the zombies. So I un-destroyed the world and wrote a ton of other stories in it.

The idea for Rough Passages came from reading a lot of comic books and thinking that superpowers are pretty disruptive. Most stories give powers to young adults who don’t have settled lives, or to people with nothing left to lose. So I dumped powers on people who had full, ordinary lives and jobs and families, just to see what would happen.


Which authors have influenced you?

The ones who create the kind of books I like to read most are Lois McMaster Bujold, Sharon Lee, Neil Gaiman, and Andre Norton. I love Ray Bradbury too, and I could go on and on. So many authors, so many influences.


Which are your favorite literary genres?

Space opera, dystopian science fiction, post-apocalypse stories, and fantasy of all kinds. Also mysteries. I enjoy a good whodunnit or a complicated thriller. I love romances too, although some of those are pretty much fantasies when push comes to shove. And poetry.

I’m a sucker for well-strung together words of any kind I guess.


What makes a book/story special for you?

Emotionally-complex characters, and writing that immerses me in the world those characters live in rather than telling me outright what’s going on.

An example: The stench of cheap cologne hit Mary as soon as she got home after work at midnight. That smell, plus the dirty dishes and takeout on the kitchen table, plus Liz’s bra on the bedroom door, added up to a one-night-stand in progress. Mary sighed. This was going to be a long weekend.

That entertains me more than, “Mary could tell Liz had an overnight guest from the mess they’d left everywhere. The woman’s horrible taste in men was almost as irritating as her refusal to pick up after herself. She sighed and resigned herself to another long, annoying weekend.


Where do you live? Did your hometown/country/culture influenced your story?

I live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, but I spent a lot of time on the west coast of the US before my family settled in the Midwest. I set down deep roots into the prairie soil once I got here, that much is certain. I’m sure it’s influenced me but I can’t point to anything specific.


How long you needed for writing this book/for your first draft/ for your revision/editing process?

I don’t draft in the currently-accepted sense, so comparing the time spent is like comparing oranges and pineapple upside-down cake.

A first draft of a novel might take six months or two years, but once I write “The End” it will not substantially change in tone, length or storyline. My revisions don’t take long: weeks at most, for a novel 100k words or more. It’s all phrase-polishing, copy-editing, continuity-checks and edits to fix beta-reader concerns. True revision, where I rip story ideas apart, adding or removing plotlines and characters —all that goes on while I’m writing the “first draft.”

I’m not the only one who writes like that, but it’s not a popular system right now. If I dedicate myself to the writing aspect, I can put out a quality novel and a couple of shorts a year, so I’m not sweating how long it takes in the first place.

At least I think they’re good. There are plenty of days where I wonder if I shouldn’t do it the way everyone else does.


Did you hire a cover artist/editor/proofreader?

Yes, yes, and yes.  I tried volunteer copy-editors at first, but they missed too much. I’ve never hired a content editor, but that’s because I am an ego monster who chose self-publishing to write my stories my way. I am well aware they have issues. when it comes to commercial appeal and adhering to “standard story forms.” And I will confess that despite copy-editing and proofing there are still errors. I swear typos creep in while no one’s looking.

As far as art goes, I know enough graphic design to know I’m not a good enough artist to do my own words justice. I’ve done my own covers for the Rough Passages shorts out of financial necessity, but I’ll hire a professional for the book cover.


What have you learned while writing and publishing? Did unexpected things happened?

I’ve learned far too much to fit into one short interview. I’ve blogged thousands of words about my experiences. Most of it boils down to this: there is no One Right Way.


What helped you to get inspired and overcome hurdles along the writing of your book?

I write for an audience. For most of my life, that audience was imaginary, so I didn’t have much insecurity. The hardest part of my transition from writer to author has been the long wait for real readers to find my words, and the growing, gnawing fear that they’re ignoring me because my writing is awful. That fear has ebbed a bit now that I’ve had a few sales and some professional affirmation.

Still,knowing I have readers waiting inspires me to write more and faster. It’s that simple.


What would you do differently on a next project?

What should I do differently? I should be constantly building an audience for it now,  through personal networking online, generating buzz  with social media project updates and talking about my story all the time, and I should treat the finished books as a business product to be marketed, promoted and pushed.

Will I do those things? Probably not. At least,not to the extent the publishing pundits say I should. I have a serious problem enthusing about my work unprompted.


Best piece (s) of advice for first time writers?

Write. Write regularly and often as possible. Read writers who are better than you are. Write more. Listen to readers who tell you what doesn’t work, because you don’t have to change a single word, but knowledge is power.  Write more.


Where can readers contact you in the internet? Do you have a blog/website?

I have a website! At you can find my writing blog, my book reviews, character art, news and more. I also have a Facebook author page, and I’m on twitter as @doawnrigger. Basically, a user search on dawnrigger finds me on most social media outlets.


What are you planning to write/publish next?

Next up is Heartwood, a new Rough Passages Tale, along with a couple of other short stories.  I’ll be publishing a new Restoration novel in autumn if all goes well.

author website chock full o’ fun:

books & ebooks available for sale:




Author Interview – C. J. McKee


I have done some type of art most of my life and graphics as well as web design for the past ten years. I love the creative aspect of graphics and art as well as music. Creativity is utmost in my endeavors. I love to build something new from nothing.

I have been writing short stories and doing other forms of art since I was very young. Math was never my strong suit, but the art of writing? Ah, now that’s what I enjoyed the most. Anything creative appealed to me, and writing gave me so much more than merely painting a picture. I could create anything I wanted using the written word. I wrote mostly Sci-Fi or Fantasy stories, short but sweet. I have written other stories which I will post here so you can read and enjoy. I always have some form of writing going on which ranges from non-fiction to fiction.


-How would you describe your story in one sentence?

With the aide of Galddor the Dragon Sage, the Realms of Arydd are ruled by Dragons who watch over the land and beings to ensure their world is not destroyed by those who would use the land for dark purposes.


-What inspired you to write your story/characters/theme?

I had always read stories of dragons where they were hoarders or attacking villages or just plain evil. I wanted to write a novel or series where dragons were good and friendly toward humans and other beings alike.


-Which authors have influenced you?

Ray Bradbury, JRR Tolkien


-Which are your favorite literary genres?

Fantasy and Science Fiction


-What makes a book/story special for you?

Creating a world with characters that come alive and you get attached to.


-Where do you live? Did your hometown/country/culture influenced your story?

Montana. I’ve always loved the mountains and thus the reason the dragons who rule the realms live and from where they can watch over the land.


-How long you needed for writing this book/for your first draft/ for your revision/editing process?

It all depends on how much time I have to write. Total a few months or so. The first book has been written for years from original conception to editing.


-Did you hire a cover artist/editor/proofreader?

I did the cover designs. The editing/proofing was done by a professional editor.


What have you learned while writing and publishing? Did unexpected things happened?

-Oh yes they did. In some cases the storyline or characters took on a life of their own and went down a direction I wasn’t expecting. I’ve learned to be open-minded. Sometimes things an editor suggest can be a great addition or change. Also I learned more about writing in general from editors, things that have helped my writing improve.


-What helped you to get inspired and overcome hurdles along the writing of your book?

Music inspires me as does reading and role playing games. I always listen to Celtic music when writing. That and my Scottish heritage.


-What would you do differently on a next project?

Probably not much than I did on my last book. I will continue to grow and learn more, I don’t believe you ever stop.


-Best piece (s) of advice for first time writers?

Get an editor when you’re done with the initial writing, or when you feel it’s ready to be edited. No matter how well you think you did, it’s important to have an editor go through it. It can cost you a bit, but it’s totally worth it. Learn as much as you can about social networking and the resources that are out there to help you get your book into the hands of readers.


-Where can readers contact you in the internet? Do you have a blog/website?

They can go to my website and I’m also on facebook:.   as well as twitter:  @MtDragonMedia


-What are you planning to write/publish next?

I am currently working on my third book in the Dragon Sage Chronicles; The Goblin Queen


Author Interview – Kindra Sowder


Kindra Sowder was born and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA until the age of 12, when her family moved to Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from high school in 2006 Me with full honors and as a member of her high school Literary Club and the Spanish Honor Society. In January 2014, she graduated with her second degree in Psychology, earning her an AA and BA in the field. She began to write long before this though, forming the basis for the Executioner Trilogy at the age of 15. She got married to her husband Edd Sowder in May 2014 and still lives in Spartanburg, SC where she is basing Burning Willow Press. “Follow the Ashes” has earned her nominations in the following categories: Best YA Author, Best Cover Art (cover art by Lisa Vasquez), and Best Female Indie Author in the IAFC Awards! Her work “Hello, My Name is…: A Miss Hyde Novella Volume 1” has also been nominated for Book of the Day’s 2015 Summer Book Awards Best in Horror Award.


How would you describe your story in one sentence?

A big city girl trying to make it in the indie world!


What inspired you to write your story/characters/theme?

I am inspired by a lot of things. Music mostly. I can listen to a song and it invokes the image of a story in my mind that I write down as soon as it floods in. I have a tendency to stick with certain genres such as erotic horror, science fiction, Dystopian fiction and dark fantasy.


Which authors have influenced you?

Absolutely! I have been influenced by some of the greatest minds in literature including Stephen King, Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, and Laurel K. Hamilton. (I have been compared to all of them)


Which are your favorite literary genres?

My favorite literary genres are the same ones I write in: Horror, science fiction, Dystopian fiction, and dark fantasy.


What makes a book/story special for you?

The characters. Always the characters. I need to be able to connect with them. If I can’t, the story means nothing. It may be a great story but you need great characters that readers can relate to to make it the best it can be.


Where do you live? Did your hometown/country/culture influenced your story?

I currently live in Spartanburg, SC. My hometown is actually Los Angeles, which has greatly influenced me. The Executioner Trilogy is based there as well as a new series I am writing. Another series is based where I live now.


How long you needed for writing this book/for your first draft/ for your revision/editing process?

I have to say that time varies from book to book. Some have taken me a year. Some have taken me a month. Some have taken three months. It’s hard to put down an exact number.


Did you hire a cover artist/editor/proofreader?

I do. My current cover artist is Loraine Van Tonder. Lisa Vasquez did the first two books of the Executioner Trilogy. I don’t use any editor in particular. I also have a beta reader who helps me with voice, plot points, etc. named Charles Leeland. he is also my biggest fan.I also have my PA Samantha Achaia who has been an amazing helper along the way.


What have you learned while writing and publishing? Did unexpected things happened?

I had heard that the literary scene was a hard place, but I learned very quickly that everyone was right. It’s hard to get your work published, but even harder to get your work recognized. I have to say that one unexpected event while I’ve been in the industry is losing my first cover artist.


What helped you to get inspired and overcome hurdles along the writing of your book? Again, music. it always helps. And if I have writer’s block I turn on a playlist, which I make specifically for each work, and the words start flowing again. My biggest hurdle has been the use of passive voice, which I am trying to curb.


What would you do differently on a next project?

I am already doing so many different things with each new project. Where do I even start?


Best piece (s) of advice for first time writers?

Read, read, read….Always. It helps you develop and learn as a writer. Also, write every day. What you put down may not be great, it may be amazing, or complete and utter garbage, but keep writing.


Where can readers contact you in the internet? Do you have a blog/website?

I can be found on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and at my I also have a blog called “Inside the Mind of Kindra Sowder.”


What are you planning to write/publish next?

I have about five works in progress as of right now. I am working on two series, the new installment to the Miss Hyde Novellas, as well as a secret project I’ll be announcing next month so keep a look out.







Thank you to Mike Wolff  (blog) for the nomination.  It’s always fun to answer other author’s questions and see other people answers to your questions later on.

Once I have answered the questions posed to me, I will nominate 10 new bloggers and provide them with a new set of questions.  Should they feel like playing along, they will do the same to another set of 10 bloggers.  The hope is to spread the word and dominate the internet…or something like that.

Nominee’s Rules:

Thank me, as I nominated you (you own me!!!) 🙂 and supply a link to my blog for your readers to browse.
Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge into your post.
Answer the ten questions.
Nominate ten bloggers and inform them of their nomination via social media methods.
List ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

Once again, there is no obligation to do this.  You really should though, as it’s fun and helps spread the word of evil…no wait, it helps spread the word about your blog.  Yeah, that’s what I meant!

Have fun with it.

My answers:

1. Are space aliens real? Give a compelling argument to support your answer.

I think they are real. My compelling argument: Because they visit me sometimes. Lol, just joking, but the universe is big enough and has planets enough to sustain life, so why not?


2. What is your favorite genre to read and why?

I like sci-fi and fantasy equally so the two genres are tied.


3.If you’re not a vegetarian, what would you put on your burger?  If you are a vegetarian, what would you eat instead of a burger?  If you don’t like burgers, why not?

I’m not so crazy for burgers and I’ll explain why. Some years ago there was a meat scandal in Europe where they found old horses meat mixed in minced meat products, so this made me mistrust the origin and quality of minced meat food. That includes also chicken nuggets, bolognese sauces and ready made lasagna. I would put a steak in the place of the burger because at least then I know what I’m eating. I would become vegetarian if I could, but the last time I tried I had no energy, so I put the idea aside for the moment while I still have a really busy life.


4. Finish this sentence with a short paragraph.  A little green alien, a panda bear and the Grim Reaper walk into a bar…

… The Grim Reaper asks for Archers with lemonade for his alien friend, some bamboo shoots for his pet, and tells everybody to relax. The panda bear though eats, shoots and leaves. 🙂 And the Grim Reaper says: “Oh no! Now I have to work only because you misplaced the comma!”.


5. What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

I haven’t been totally there yet. I hope it will be when I manage to publish my series. An art exposition with a newspaper article was close to it though.


6. As a writer/reader/artist/creative-type person, what, if any, music do you listen to while you create?

Songs I like. I made a blog post with a list of some of them:


7. What is your worst fear?  I’m talking clowns, spiders, rats, falling, etc…  Why?

My second worst fear is roller coasters. Anything to do with too much velocity. I won’t reveal the worst though because it’s a secret. 🙂


8. If you could either be a highly successful author/artist with no ability to interact with your fans, or a slight to moderately successful author/artist with fan interaction, what would you chose and why?

I would prefer to be able to interact with people always.


9. I like myths and urban legends, you should all already know that.  So, what is your favorite myth or urban legend and why?

There are many native Brazilian myths I like. One of my favorite is called “the origin of the stars”. They say that once kids tied a rope in the sky and climbed up, never to be seen again, and they became the stars.


10. What message about you and your creations would you like new followers to know? Get on that soapbox, this is your stage!

This is a difficult one. 🙂 I think it would be that I always try to do my best in any creation, be it a painting or a story. I can’t be sure people will like it, but I’ll be sure I did my best at the time when I was exposing or publishing them.

Now for my nominees:

I thought a bit about it and, since a lot of the bloggers I know have already been nominated, I would like to invite anyone who feels like playing too. If you answered my questions in your blog please leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog. I’ll be happy to read your answers. Cheers! 🙂

1. What’s your perfect pizza?

2.What did you do for your latest birthday?

3. Which was the best book you read last year?

4. You favorite character in a book?

5. How many books do you read per year?

6. If you could retire tomorrow what would you do?

7. Your dream vacation? Worst vacation? Best vacation?

8. Crowds, small groups, only a partner or “Go away, I’m a loner”?

9. If a friend in love with you kidnapped you, and you woke up in a ship going to a planet destined to be a new Earth colony what would you do? Assuming you could not kill your friend because without him/her you could not control the spaceship?

10. Do you have writing or other artistic/hobby projects? How are they going?

Author Interview – Chasity Nicole

10443433_961966527156397_7091559257527038659_n (1)

Writing became a big part of my life in 2005 when a friend (Author Misti Blake) and I began writing stories with one another. I was still in high school at the time and we would write just for the fun and pure joy we experienced through writing. My writing took a bit of a hiatus when I finished high school and started college to earn my degree in Criminal Justice. That didn’t last very long, because a few months after starting college I was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome in 2009. Months later I found out the only thing that helped keep my ticks at bay was writing, and I picked the art back up. Wickedly Misunderstood was the first novel I began writing after my diagnosis and it all started with a dream. My advice to everyone is to find something that you love doing and do it. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it, because if you love it enough you’ll succeed. Do what you love, and love what you do. You never know what your dreams can lead you to accomplish.


How would you describe your story in one sentence?


  • One crazy rescue mission to save your friend and the love of your life.


What inspired you to write your story/characters/theme?


  • So the Valhaven Island Trilogy all started with a dream I had one night several years ago. I dreamt of a girl named Ember who had superhuman powers and watched her story unfold in my dreams and decided I’d type it up the next day and it just kept flowing into what it is today. As for most of the characters they are based off of friends, or at least the main roles in the story are based off of close friends and those that have impacted my life in some way.


Which authors have influenced you?


  • This is a tough question. A lot of authors have influenced me to write. I think my biggest influencers are Lewis Carrol and J.K. Rowling. Lewis Carrol is my favorite author. Misti Blake, a fellow indie author, is also a major influence for me because the days I really struggle she’s in my head screaming at me to keep moving forward. After all, if it wasn’t for writing with her in high school, my love for writing stories might not have reached the level of where it is today.


Which are your favorite literary genres?


  • Primarily, my novels are fantasy based. I do have short stories that are horror in nature as I don’t have a problem writing a seven-thousand word horror short story, I just can’t seem to get a full-length novel (although I’ve never actually tried). I’d say fantasy, sci-fi, and teen are typically where I dwell as far as reading goes as well. I like to stay in my imaginary world as much as possible.


What makes a book/story special for you?


  • If I can get hooked on a book really quick to where I can’t put it down then that book is golden for me. Lately, I’ve been in a reading funk, but I’m in the middle of releasing a novel and doing book trailers and covers and the holidays are approaching, so the funk is bound to happen. The ideal book for me has short chapters that aren’t over ten pages in length, because nothing is more frustrating than a chapter that’s forty pages long and you have to stop halfway through because of life. So, I like short, quick chapters that I can read quickly before life comes knocking at my door.


Where do you live? Did your hometown/country/culture influenced your story?


  • I live in good ‘ole North Carolina. My hometown didn’t influence this upcoming novel coming out but it is the basis for a novel I have in the works that I plan to release in the future. I grew up in Mount Pleasant, NC. And there are a few characters in the Valhaven Island Trilogy that are from NC but not from my hometown, and the character who is a derivative of myself isn’t from NC. But, a nice little twist does happen in Wicked Rescue Mission and you find out where Ember’s parents are originally from, and I don’t want to give that away.


How long did you need to write this book/for your first draft/ for your revision/editing process?


  • I’d say a little over a year and a half. I planned to release this past June but because my wedding was also in June my novel release got pushed back because I didn’t have the time to finish it and plan my wedding. Editing took around three-ish months. Designing the cover was the easiest thing and that took maybe a week, if that.


Did you hire a cover artist/editor/proofreader?


  • I’m a cover artist, so I do my own cover work. I also have a few friends that I trust to edit my work and my group is amazing and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.


What have you learned while writing and publishing? Did unexpected things happened?


  • I’ve learned that I’m my biggest critic and that I’m always going to think the worst of things. It’s just how my brain works, and I’ve come to learn that most writers have this same mentality. As I said earlier, my novel was supposed to release in June, but because my wedding was in June I couldn’t devote the time to writing my novel and planning my wedding. So, I planned my wedding and set the novel aside for a little bit. There’s a lot of unexpected things that can pop up; hard-drive failures, losing your notebooks, pens dying while at work, etc.


What helped you to get inspired and overcome hurdles along the writing of your book?


  • My husband, mom, friends, and fans. I have friends that have read the book and they’ve messaged me wanting to know what happens next and they’ve been upset that it’s taken me over a year to publish the second book of the trilogy. They’ve been my drive to get it out there, because I go through times of just wanting to throw in the towel and give up. But, I think of those who want to know what happens next and that drives me to finish the story so I don’t have any straggling readers who have unanswered questions, because nothing is worse than having unanswered questions.


What would you do differently on a next project?


  • Committing more time to writing and less time to distraction. I allow myself to get distracted far too easily, and I think I’ve figured out a way to solve this problem, at least for my nano story. I’ve been streaming me typing it live for the last few days and because I’m streaming I’m not going to other sites when I should be typing. But, when I’m working on longer novels, like the last book in this trilogy I handwrite it, so I wouldn’t really be able to stream it as well.


Best piece (s) of advice for first time writers?


  • If you want to write and have ideas the best advice I can give you is to just write. Don’t worry what the world will think of what you have to say and don’t worry how it sounds. Don’t worry about grammar and things of that nature because that’s what editing is for. Just write your story and get it told, and worry about tightening it all up once you have it written. If you do it as you go, you’ll forget half your story and you’ll grow to dislike what you’re writing.


Where can readers contact you in the internet? Do you have a blog/website?



What are you planning to write/publish next?


  • Next I plan to publish a novel called The Moonstone Fairy which is my Nano story. I hope to release it around June or July next year and plan to release Rebuilding the Misunderstood, Book Three of the Valhaven Island Trilogy by the end of next year. I also have some anthologies coming out next year as well. We’ve all Been There: Tales of Tenacity April, 2016 and Carolina Horror Stories.