The “Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me As A Writer” challenge.

I’ll take up the challenge:
1) I love writing. I wouldn’t write if I wouldn’t need to express myself in order to be balanced.
2) I write in English because since I was 14, I always read science fiction and fantasy English books (they were much cheaper than the translated books). One day I will translate my stories to Portuguese if I have time for that.
3) I have a general outline, but I’m mainly spontaneously a Pantser and not a Plotter. The inspired Writing zone feels to me like a word fire.
4) I’m emotionally involved in my writing. I don’t like to read intellectual books without passion so I would never write like that.
5) I love Plot twists and surprises. If my book is not a roller coaster of emotions for my readers, I have failed as a writer.
6) I rather use too little words than too many. Most books feel over explained and made too long for my patience. It is important for me to never bore my readers and I try never to explain too much.
7) I try never to think of sales when I write. We live in a world where bad books are bestsellers, so I don’t think I’ll ever be there and I’ll feel strange if I sell many books. But I don’t really count on it. Lol


Author: Leticia Toraci

Artist, Painter, Writer, Indie Author in training and busy Mom

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